The Rise of Telemedicine and Its Impact

Telemedicine has quickly become an integral part of healthcare technology and is increasingly used as an effective solution to keeping patients out of hospitals.

Patients can make appointments easily through an easy application that allows them to upload verification documents, medical reports and prior prescriptions – as well as reschedule their appointments as necessary.

Cost Savings

Telemedicine can offer numerous financial savings. Telemedicine reduces travel, office space and utility costs while cutting staffing and training expenses significantly – even helping to decrease emergency room visits by eliminating admissions altogether.

Telemedicine can be especially useful in areas with few specialists such as pathologists and radiologists. Telemedicine allows these professionals to work as a collective resource and share their expertise, making telemedicine an invaluable asset in remote regions both domestically and abroad.

Patients can access healthcare through telemedicine from the convenience of their homes or workplace, saving on transportation and lost productivity costs. One study discovered that convenient specialty care telemedicine provided over $100 in savings just from travel time savings alone! Telemedicine also allows patients to monitor themselves remotely – this feature is especially helpful for chronic illness patients.

Time Savings

Telemedicine allows patients to avoid tolls, parking costs and gas expenses associated with traveling to an office visit, helping relieve financial strain for those who must miss work for medical appointments.

Telemedicine can increase patient safety by decreasing frequency of in-person visits for immunocompromised and high-risk populations.

Telehealth technology offers many advantages for healthcare organizations and organizations, but some organizations have experienced challenges that must be resolved for wider adoption of the technology. Reimbursement limitations remain an obstacle for some providers despite increased demand for telehealth services; more evaluation will also be necessary to assess practicality, value acceptability and cost-effectiveness of various telehealth applications – this data can also help decision-makers justify continuing investments in this space.

Patient Satisfaction

Telemedicine allows patients to avoid the high costs associated with traditional medical care, saving both time and money on travel costs or expenses related to childcare or elder care, plus saving on secondary expenditures like gasoline.

Patient perception of healthcare depends heavily on their overall health status and severity of illness; however, even small measures like scheduling virtual visits or notifying patients that their test results are ready can make a significant difference to satisfaction levels.

Telemedicine helps expand access for those living in rural or remote communities where primary care physicians may have shortages or are limited in terms of illnesses they treat, while larger hospitals gain access to specialists that may otherwise not be available. Many academic medical centers, freestanding specialty groups and multiorganizational medical consortia are turning towards telemedicine solutions as a means of expanding geographic clientele while decreasing overhead costs.


Telemedicine allows rural patients access to healthcare specialists they would not otherwise have been able to see without extensive travel. Remote monitoring devices allow doctors to track patient data and create more effective treatment plans based on this information.

Telemedicine also reduces referral costs and wait times to specialists, and may reduce infectious disease transmission between patients in crowded waiting rooms.

Healthcare systems, medical groups and solo practitioners simply need to integrate HIPAA compliant telemedicine software into their existing workflow to begin offering telehealth services. With its ease and intelligence, this technology makes adopting it an obvious step toward increasing customer satisfaction and landing new business.

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